By design, we take a more personal approach to rehabilitation.

Medicomp’s method is fairly simple yet quite unique. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for all our patients. Because we are an independent provider of physical therapy, Medicomp works closely with all physicians, regardless of hospital or group affiliations to ensure that we develop a specific treatment regimen based on each patient’s individual needs and goals. We believe the best results are found in having the patient, doctor, and physical therapist all working toward the same goal.

Medicomp, Inc. was founded by Joseph S. McNulty, III in 1980. At the time Joe was a certified respiratory therapist providing services to a community hospital in Magee, Mississippi. Joe had a natural passion for treating patients, a passion that has motivated him to pursue a life and career of serving those in medical need. While providing contracted service to the one hospital in Magee, he quickly discovered that a vast number of rural community hospitals were underserved in the field of respiratory therapy and began expanding the company’s services to those areas.


Over the years, physical therapy and other rehabilitation services were added to meet the growing patient needs of the communities. Along the way respiratory therapy became a standard service line of most rural community hospitals, and physical rehabilitation services became the primary functions of Medicomp. After years of expanding its service area, and coupling its services with Pioneer Health Services,–a rural hospital management company also founded by Joe – Medicomp has become the largest privately-owned provider of rehabilitation services in Mississippi. Today the company employs over 200 medical professionals and serves five states. Joe still takes an active role in day to day operations, and Medicomp continues to serve with the same passion for treating patients that began Joe’s career and this company.

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Industial Therapy
  • Sports Performance
  • Treatment Education

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