To be successful, you need administrative staff with experience.

Running a successful rural hospital is no easy task. After making it through all the obstacles in your way from government red tape to medical staff shortages, simply breaking even financially might actually seem like a victory. That mindset is understandable, but maybe your hospital should use a different measuring stick – one that recognizes the upcoming changes in healthcare legislation and prepares to meet the rising demand for healthcare. Pioneer Health Services management programs are tailored to fit your specific rural healthcare needs. We are not here to take over your hospital; instead we see our role as part of your organization – using our expertise to help you achieve better care for your community.


Experience is everything

Let’s face the facts, running a rural hospital is difficult. The amount of rules and regulations involved in operating a hospital today can be simply staggering. Couple that with a serious shortage of specialized personnel throughout all aspects of a facility, and the task becomes even more difficult. To be successful, you need administrative staff with experience in running a rural healthcare facility; as well as a specialized accounting staff with experience in cost-reporting, cash reconciliation, departmental budgeting, and financial reporting. You also need to constantly recruit and maintain specialized medical staff to fulfill the medical needs of your rural community. So who can you rely on to build success within this difficult business model? Turn to the experts in operation and management of rural hospitals, Pioneer Health Services. To date, Pioneer Health Services owns, operates and manages ten facilities in the Southeast and provides specialized services to other rural hospitals throughout the United States. Our experience and expertise in the rural healthcare industry is unmatched.

A Specialized Team for a Specialized Industry
At Pioneer Health Services, we only serve the rural hospital industry. Other facility management companies oversee many types of facilities and may only have a handful of people within the company who are familiar with running a small-market hospital. By focusing solely on rural healthcare, we have assembled an entire team of specialists, all focused on building and maintaining a successful facility. Our teams have specialized expertise and implement programs that are designed, tested and proven within rural markets. You have to ask yourself, Could I serve my community better if every aspect of the hospital was run by experts in rural healthcare? That is the true benefit of having Pioneer Health Services as your management team. Our recruiting methods, our marketing campaigns, our revenue cycle management programs, and our accounting methods are all focused around serving your community needs.

It’s not a takeover – it’s a makeover

We live by our company mission to provide superior and compassionate healthcare services to rural communities. Our first and foremost concern is the level of care being provided. That value set is important when looking for the right management company. Our goal is to make your facility the best it can be for the good of the community. We are not in this business to take over facilities, clean house and start over. With Pioneer, all options are on the table from the start, in order to weigh all of your management and operational options and find the course of action most beneficial to your community hospital.


As healthcare providers for rural communities, our hospitals are an integral element of the community in two capacities. First, the healthcare we provide is vital to the health and well-being of residents of the community. Secondly, the jobs that the hospital creates are critical to the health of the local economy. Make the most of your hospital for the sake of the community you serve.

Operational Support Services


  1. Pioneer can provide your hospital with certain levels of oversight management or a lease. Management oversight is structured so that the hospital’s control remains intact. Pioneer provides operational consulting to the appropriate governance, monthly.
  2.  The hospital’s governing body remains fiscally responsible. Reporting examples of management consulting:
    • Operational Statistics
    • Satisfaction Reviews: Patient/Physician/Employee
    • Access to Group Purchasing Organization
    • Compliance Support
    • Current and future services line analysis
    • Leadership Recruitment
    • Physician Recruitment
    • Leadership Essentials Training
    • Manage Care Contracting
    • Physician Clinic Management
    • Financial Oversight and Review
    • Marketing Services

Our track record speaks for itself

Ask us about our facilities. While all rural facilities share certain common service attributes, they also share similar difficulties and challenges. At Pioneer Health Services, we believe our track record speaks volumes about our worth. We encourage you to meet with our hospital administrators, tour our facilities and speak with the community leaders we serve.

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