Cash Flow is vital to any business.

Cash flow is vital to any business. However, in a rural hospital business model, an effective and reliable revenue cycle is the crucial element in providing advanced healthcare to the community. And if you are the one responsible for running the hospital, that cushy executive chair can become quite the hot seat if things aren’t going well. Pioneer Health Services can help. We specialize in rural community healthcare, and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive approach to maximizing your revenue cycle. Our programs have been designed, tested, and proven in the rural setting. Find out what Pioneer Health Services can do to improve your cash flow. Call us today to schedule a free revenue cycle evaluation.


Rural Healthcare – one tough business model

The rules and regulations around rural healthcare make it tough to navigate. For instance, imagine if you told any other business that a large portion of their products would be sold at cost plus 1%. With a profit margin like that, they would likely tell you the business could never be successful. But it can be successful — if your facility maintains an effective business office, a seamless revenue cycle, steady cash-flow, and reinvests in the business with service lines having higher returns.

Revenue Cycle – running like a well oiled machine
The revenue cycle is an extremely complex process; however, when processes are executed correctly, the cycle performs predictably. Pioneer’s policies and processes are built upon twenty plus years of experience in the rural healthcare industry. No matter the gross annual revenue of the hospital, every facility can benefit from the streamlined revenue cycle solution Pioneer Health Services provides.

The Benefits of Pioneer Health Services RCM
Our programs are completely customized to your hospital, and our Revenue Cycle Management services focus on the best practices to improve performance in all areas of the process. Our turn-key solution involves a full evaluation of your entire revenue cycle process, from admissions through the cost reporting.

Do you have a well-trained and motivated billing staff?
People are the key to success. Even the greatest software and most well thought out procedures are useless without effective, well-trained personnel running the show. Is your financial services team in tune with their role in the big picture?

Is there effective communication throughout all departments?
Lack of communication between departments results in fragmented information and ultimately slows or stops the reimbursement process. Are your departments communicating?

Are there effective information gathering methods?
Gathering information should be effortless. The collection process starts with accurate collection of all pertinent information. If just one element is missing the entire process may be stalled. Hardware, software, and people have to all work seamlessly to be effective. How’s your information, do you trust it?

What are your Point of Service procedures?
The revenue cycle process starts the ball rolling at the Point of Service. Focusing on front-end processes to include collecting co-pays and deductibles will result in increased collections. So are your POS procedures increasing the odds of payment?


Cash Flow is the lifeblood of your facility. The stream of cash must remain constant or there will be trouble down the road. Is your cash flow process running at top speed or just squeaking by?

When your Days in A/R turn into Months in A/R there are some major problems to be addressed. Slow collections and bad debt can destroy any rural healthcare facility. Is your hospital grinding or gliding?

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Days in A/R
  • Bad Debt
  • Total A/R > 90 Days
  • POS Collections
  • Bill Hold Days
  • Cash Collections

Call in the experts.

As healthcare providers for rural communities, our hospitals are an integral element of the community in two capacities. First, the healthcare we provide is vital to the health and well-being of residents of the community. Secondly, the jobs that the hospital creates are critical to the health of the local economy. Make the most of your hospital for the sake of the community you serve. Our revenue cycle management program is developed, tested and proven effective in the rural markets. If poor cash flow is having a negative effect on your hospital’s ability to provide superior patient care, call Pioneer Health Services for a free consultation.

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